Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm Bored...

So, how much do you hate it when people cancel on you and leave you high and dry sitting in your house painfully bored after you already got excited for the nights festivities? Because i fucking hate it. a lot. If you couldn't tell, this happened to me, tonight. and i am still bitter. We had been planning on hanging out for a while now, and tonight was a good night for both of us cause he had to hang out with his sis during the day, and i had to work and i got off at 5, perfect. I called when i got off work, and he is like yeah definately just call me when your out of the shower, once i got out of the shower i see wow there are FOUR new texts, from him. Saying hey, i have to hang out with my cousin tonight, but we can hang out for a little while still. It was about 6 when this happened, he had to hang out with his cousin at 9, i still had to finish getting ready and eat, and then drive to his house 20-30 min away. So that leaves us about an hour maybe 2 to hang out. That is not what we had planned and i had turned down other offers of the day because i had already made plans. So now i am sitting at home, thank goodness i played my new wii games, painted my toenails, and watched the drug years on vh1. It is not even 11 yet, and i am bored out of mind.

In other news, i have a little bit of money now. Oh! and Lilli is coming to see me next week i am so so so soooo excited.

I really have nothing else to say this post is boring and i am sorry for anyone who reads it but i had to get that off my chest. I suppose i can talk about christmas for a minute. Oh this is good. here ya go..

We went to Christmas eve service at my church at 11 o clock at night like we always do, and there is this girl that also goes to that service..We made fun of her last year for wearing pajamas that said something along the lines of "santas naughty cookie" on them, we were like well normally God doesn't care what you wear, but he is judging you right now. Well, this year she had on pajamas again. BUT they were shorts and she had them on over jeans...and the jeans were rolled up..and she had on knee high socks that had lights on them..and the pajamas said "meet me under the mistletoe" and this girl has a baby, and my mom said me under the mistletoe look where that got her, a baby and no daddy. And i laughed really hard, cause that fuckin funny, the girl is a year younger than me, her baby is almost 1. But seriously don't wear pj's that say your a slut on them to church please.

Christmas was good for the sisson family santa brought some awesome presents, and later in the night i went to kates familys house and we celebrated with a bottle of white wine, a 12 pack on yuenglings, and shots of crown royal. It was awesome.

Random Song Quote: "I know its not mine but i'll see if i can use it for the weekend or a one night stand" - Sugar Ray "every morning"

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