Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Broke and Have Road Rage

I worked today, i made some moola, and i spent it all immediately after work on presents for everyone! yay! I need to work more so i can have more money. Or i just need a paycheck, i know there is one coming to me in the future from school, and i'll be getting one from this work, but umm it takes TWO weeks to get paychecks, i need money NOW. I'm going to a street corner in DC in order to get this done. Just kidding, but im seriously considering it. I bet i could make like 200 bucks in 3 hours. It would be worth standing in the cold, and possibly being arrested, raped, and killed.

Also, i realize Christmas in like 3 days away, but I cannot for the life of me get into the Christmas spirit. I was almost there today folks the buying of presents, the spending of money, and Christmas songs on every radio station i turned to, it was all working for me and i was like hey!Christmas is on thursday...UNTILLLLLLL i realized that people in sterling,VA have never drove a car a before, and if they have no one ever taught them to proper way to drive said car. I believe that every.single.other.person. (besides me) wants every other driver on the road to either. A) create an accident. or B) get into an accident. I have 2 perfect examples that left me screaming and cussing at the top of my lungs in my car and cursing all of sterling.

Example one: I was leaving the mall, all excited to get home and eat dinner, but first i had to stop off and buy grandma a gift card. So i'm coming out of the mall, waiting patiently at the light to turn left onto the road that gets me where im going, and i notice that allllllllllll the people going straight are backed up into the intersection and realize i might have to wait a minute in order to actually make the turn while they slowly move out of my way, no biggie i can wait an extra second. BUT apparently the assholes that were across from me also turning left, in the backed up intersection and going their way, those assholes can't wait ONE FUCKING SECOND for anything. Both our lights turned green at the same time, i had a little bit of room to actually turn so i started go, so did the people coming across. I slammed on my breaks cause douche bag was headed straight for my fucking car, great! Where did he think he was going? THAT TRAFFIC WAS BACKED UP INTO THE INTERSECTION AND HE TRIED TO GET IN LINE WITH THEM TO WAIT AT THE LIGHT???? well now that i'm not going and about to get into a head on collison, both the douche that came toward me is honking at me, and the person behind me is also honking cause duh the light is green and i should be driving. I had to do some very illegal things and flick someone off in order to turn. MERRY CHRISTMAS ASSHOLE. you almost caused a crash that woulda ruined everyones christmas.

Example two: Happened approximately 5 minutes after example number 1. i was already pissed and hungry and wanted to get home. But remember i had to get the gift card. So i go to turn into the shopping center where said place is. ANOTHER ASSHOLE! sterling is FILLED with them. Was sitting there making a U turn in his GIANT hummer, and his high beams were on blinding me. Hey fucktard, i drive a sunfire, i cannot see around your army vehicle. no one is coming behind me why don't you fucking do your U turn. But he didn't. So i had to inch and inch and inch and inch and inch and finally just decided that no one was coming and hoped for the best, and if someone had hit me i woulda blamed the hummer for blocking my view and blinding me. Once i turned I screamed at the top of my lungs something along the lines of "WHY DOES NO ONE IN THIS TOWN KNOW HOW TO DRIVE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" and was happy i was alone.

Now how am i supposed to get into the christmas spirit when people keep pissing me off?? Anyway i finished shopping, made it home and ate dinner with my mom and dad. And thanked my mom for teaching me to be a GOOD driver. Its an elite club in this part of town.

Anyway Merry Christmas. Happy Hannuka (that ain't spelled right) Happy Kwanzaa, anything else i forgot, just be happy!

Random song quote: "Now I love pussy and pussy loves me like a lemon to the lime and the bumble to the bee." - Eazy E "gimme that nut"

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