Monday, January 26, 2009

I want to live on a cruise boat..

I just got home from the most awesome weekend! I went on a three day cruise to the bahamas. i want nothing more than to just stay on the cruise ship and live there and have fun all the time. I'm going to tell you about all the awesome things we did and you will be jealous and you will also want to live on a cruise ship with me.

Friday was when we shipped out we got in our room, and ate a lot of lunch and started drinking right away. we found this awesome deal where you pay only 23.99 for 5 drinks of the day. They were all fruity drinks and i have the worst heartburn ever, but it was totally worth it. so we drank all day hung out on the pool deck went to dinner, apparently we were all so drunk that we went to the wrong dining room on the first night of dinner, i dont remember this happening but we just walked in and were looking for our table, and some guy said this is not even the right dining room. so we had vals bachelorette party that night, we walked out of dinner and heard a piano playing sweet caroline, and decided we had to go in and see what was up, it was AWESOME piano bar guy plays what you want, and everyone there just screams the lyrics at him. this is where i was introduced to a blue motorcycle, i see these guys with electric blue drinks,and i asked what it was and they said AMF (Adios Motha Fucka) cause they fuck your shit up (but they are really called blue motorcycles). and that is the gods honest truth, i had like 100 of them cause they taste like gatorade, then we went to karaokee and i sang free fallin and they guys who had the blue dranks came and watched me, val opened her presents, and we drank out of manis (man penis) straws. Kate and I (one of val's bridesmaids) stayed up until 5am and aparently when we got back to the room this is what we said "we need to put on our bathing suits so we can go watch the sunrise" and valerie said we were with 2 people we met, 2 men we did not know, and da brat http://http//, she was aparently on board as well. valerie told everyone to go to bed and ordered us grilled cheeses from room service, im guessing i ate mine in my sleep, because i have no recalection of eating it, but when i woke up i was spooning with an empty plate that had a pickle and a few potato chips, i got woken up at 8 am because we had to go on our shore excursion to atlantis, so i got 3 1/2 hours of sleep.

So, for our day on the bahamas we were going to go to this super cool shore excursion that was through sandals and its and all inclusive all you can eat and drink all day, and they informed us at the last minute that we could not do this one, because it was for couples only. We decided to go to atlantis instead, which was still awesome because i have always wanted to go there, i got some really pretty pictures of the ocean and the hotel, everyone was a little hungover from the night before, so we rode the lazy river, and went down the fucking scariest water ride ever i screamed bloody murder down it, we did get free lunch there so that was good, then everyone took a little nap, mine lasted 20 minutes and i made my mom go down a waterslide with me, it was really fun. then valerie and marissa went to the casino there and everyone else did whatever and kate and i walked allllll over it was really big and awesome and we saw lots of cool animals. Once back on the boat i took my only shower of the weekend how gross am i. and we got ready for dinner, kate and marissa were tired or something so they didn't do anything and i wanted to have fun but it was impossible to do by myself without feeling an alcoholic, so when everyone turned in for the night, i stayed up an extra hour, but everyone was having fun on the island so no one was on board. so i went to bed at about 3 and woke up at 8, i got 5 hours of sleep that night so i was totally ready for the next day, the ship pulled out at 7 and we were headin back to the main land.

The entire way back, it was 85 degrees outside and we started drinking at breakfast, i put on a dress and got a miami vice (half strawberry daquiri and half pina.) we played some music trivia and we owned but didn't keep track we could have won a trophy lol. But we heard of the harriest man on the boat competition, and we were all over that, it was the funniest thing ever probably. One of the guys who introduced me to the blue drink entered but the other people were pretty old and it was HILARIOUS to watch them shake their ass up on stage, but nothing beats this old old old man probably about 80. They introduced him and he gets up and it walking up to the stage shaking his entire body, if you know me i will show you my imitation of it. Everyone was like what is he doing, and i was like i think he is having a ceizure, so he shakes his way up 2 steps and then fell backwards down them, and the music cut everyone gasped except me the asshole in the back of the crowd laughing my ass off at him. and he got up and then once on stage he bent over and moved his ass back and forth and everyone was like rolling on the ground laughing unfortunately he did not win. but fortunately we saw him later, IN A WHEEL CHAIR!!! he can't even walk no wonder he fell down backwards on the stairs. I went to buy more drinks and saw my awesome electric blue drinking friends and we hung out with them for the rest of the day my sister and marissa were in a black jack competition so kate and i didn't see them much, but we had such a good time and drank alllll day went to dinner, and we went back to the piano bar where i met a girl who looked 12 but just turned 21 on wednesday so i bought her a drink. Again i was all alone everyone in my party went to sleep and no one told me but i wouldn't have left anyway i was having to good of a time, i made it back to my room by 5:30, just to get woken up at 6:30 by my sister. ONE HOUR FOLKS, still shitfaced when i woke up trying to pack, i got all my stuff i believe. We left i lost my voice, so did my sister, and kate. that means we had an awesome time.

We got to the airport at like 10:30 where i was getting a hangover, took some meds and ate some chips, i was so tired we had to wait til almost 3 to get on the plane :-( And once we got on it i got myself like worked up and nervous to take off, and i was like freaking out and my heart was racing and i was sweating and him just driving the plane was giving me motion sickness, and i was like mom are in the air yet are we in the air yet, and when we finally got in the air i knew i was going to vomit and i told my mom i was going to, and as i was discovering me going vom we hit turbulance and i was like crying cause i was sweating and didn't feel good, and then i vomited, into TWO puke bags and my mom was gagging it was so ridiculous but i felt 100% better, so i made my nerves go crazy, it could have been something i ate also, but no one else got sick from the food, it also could have been the 1000 drinks i had, but i didn't feel hungover so i dont know i think i just accidently made myself sick. I got home and was still wearing the dress from the night before, that is another thing i didn't wear any pants this trip and passed out in the dress i had on the night before everynight. i am so classy, but when we landed it was 30 degrees and i had no jacket or anything i had to drive back up to school in rush hour on one hour of sleep, and then i had to work 11-1. i almost passed out at the hall security desk. It was worth everything though. My bar tab was 320 dollars, i love my mommy so much for paying for me to get shit faced everynight.

I am going to write another blog later with pictures, but my camera battery died, so it will be later today or tomorrow.

random song quote: "Sexy can i? just pardon my manners. Girl how your shakin it got a nigga like whoa, kodak moment, let me go get my camera, all i wanna know is sexy, can i?"-- Ray J "sexy can i?"

***this is where we got manis, because kate thought he said Sexy can i? just parked my manis...where we then asked what a manis was and she said a man penis, and the next logical line in the song would your wogina as in womans vagina. that is all

******another side note, i think we saw a real mangina at atlantis, this guy was wearing spandex speedo, and his legs were spread open and we saw NO BULGE.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My week in review

First and foremost, i would like to say that the picture of the rumseyburgers i took looks like it could be in a magazine, and everytime i see it i want rumseyburgers.

Anyway, so my first week of school has come to an end, this semester is gonna be a long ride ladies and gents, i am forced by the school to take 5 upper level classes this semester, if i want to graduate in may, which i do so i'm taking them, and it blows. So, on mondays wednesdays and fridays i have chemistry which is my 6th class and its a 102 class :-) so easy so interesting i wish i could just sit there and learn everything in one class. I also have media studies, which is shaping up to be a pretty interesting class, but i've heard its kinda hard, oh well i will just have to work my ass off. In my chemistry class it is basically the same people as last semester except for a new hottie, who i have never seen before which in my book means he is either a transfer or a freshmen and i hope he is not a freshmen. I made a new friend in media studies named chris he is very nice. that is all about those 2 classes.

Monday nights i have late adulthood issues and kelsey is in it with me :-) that is a 400 level class so it is going to be exceptionally difficult, i have to do 10 hours of volunteer work with old people and write about it. But i do get to read tuesdays with morrie, which i've been wanting to read so this is a good excuse.

Tuesdays and thursdays i have housing which nothing cool will probably ever happen in, and boot camp which will kick my ass every day for the rest of the semester no matter how used to it i get. the first class i think i died or had an out of body experience. On Tuesday nights i have psych of substance abuse, i already have a paper due on tuesday for that one, there is a girl in my class and her last name is pancake, how cool of a last name is that? ALSO there is a girl in it i didn't pay attention to her name during role, but she looks like a crack addict and i think she might think that the class is actually narcotics anonymous, when infact it is a class to just learn about people who abuse them, so hopefully it will help her out a little bit. Thursday nights i have sociology of humor, which i already had a good time in on thursday, so i am excited for the rest of the semester, my teacher said everyone will probably get made fun of at some point during this class, i am the only person in the class with red hair, so i can't wait to hear what he says. But we have 2 ANNOYING people in this one, one of them sits in the front and i got the low down on him from my new friend chris, apparently he thinks all the sociology teachers love him, but he is really just an annoying bitch and he laughed SO LOUD at everything the teacher said or made us watch. The other girl sits in the back, and talks alllll during class, i've had her in class before but they were classes where talking was welcomed because it was self defense and sculpture, so i didn't realize she did this during lecture as well, and because of her most people probably missed some jokes or didn't hear the things we were listening to, so i hope the teach puts her in her place. also this class is over boooked by 9 people, so people had to sit on the floor, i'm gonna have to get there early every week to get seat.

so that is is, my school week it is going to be a long one, but oh well now i have to go do the 1000 things i have to do for homework. Oh and incase anyone is interested i leave for the bahamas in 4 days!!!!! the high there on saturday is 78. so have fun without me here maybe ill call and let you guys hear the ocean :-)

random song quote: "i dont think your ready for this jelly"- Destiny's Child "bootylicious"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to School, Back to School

So this is my 8th and final semester at school. can you believe it? i cannot. anyways i came back to school from break a little early this year to see my friends and such. We went out and had fun and slept in and it was awesome no school!!! On sunday our last day before school started we went to the most wonderful place in shepherdstown...Bettys! It was me lilli and jeremy. we got the ever famous most delicious awesomatic most gigantic burger in the world. well i mean it doesn't compare to the 8 pound ones i've seen on the travel channel, but it is big. the rumseyburger. here is a picture of all three of them taking over our table. how good do those babies look?

After we ate the rumseyburger we decided to go to the rumsey memorial, and we looked at the river and went to the swings and went to the railroad track, and then it started sleeting on us and we had to walk back across campus to the warmth of our building. the rest of the day consisted of laying around and literally that is it.

Monday was the first day of school. and what a long day it was as are all the rest of my days actually i am writing this blog in my 6 1/2 hour break i have on wednesdays. I have a night class monday through thrusday, so i haven't even had my thursday class yet because it meets only once a week, and today is wednesday. I also have to work mon,tues,and wed 11-1 which isn't that bad cause im making bank, it just makes my days a little longer.

I really have no good things to write about, just wanted to update because i haven't in a while, I will give an awesome recap of the week probably tomorrow or friday, because there are some characters in my classes that i won't be getting into detail about right now. Tomorrow there is a comedian in the rams den and then were going to tonys! so that should be fun. Oh, so i have been helping the admissions office seperate test scores, and today there was one and the girl on it, her last name was cashdollar, and i was very jealous because that is like the coolest last name ever.

alright check back soon for a recap of the school week.

random song quote:"Put you on my billboard, we can act like the charts, i can end up on top" T-pain "bartender"

Sunday, January 11, 2009

26 Things You Might have Known...

...or maybe you didn't...

First off, i would like to give street cred to lilli and jeremy for inspiring this post. you can read lilli's version here

And you can read jeremys here. then you have to scroll to december 17, because for some reason i can't get it on a page by itself. So thanks guys!

  • My middle name is Ann. So is my moms, and my sisters, and my brothers is Andrew.
  • I broke my back when i was in high school playing volleyball.
  • I am extremely afraid of cats.
  • I used to have to take pills before i went to the dentist, because if flouride got in my blood stream it could have been fatal.
  • I do not like being out of bed early in the morning, i would rather sleep all day and stay up all night.
  • If i had to eat finger foods for the rest of my life, i would be perfectly okay with that.
  • My dad's name is gary, and he is probably the most awesome person anyone will ever meet, and im not just saying that because he is my dad.
  • I have a hole in my heart, it is probably closed up now, but that is why i had to take the pills to go to the dentist because if the flouride got in my blood and went in the hole, game over.
  • Ice cream is in my top 5 favorite foods, and i am not even sure if it is considered an actual food.
  • I had a really good friend named jessi who died of heart failure in high school.
  • I have two for this one, i really like to kiss people, and i have a lot of friends named katie, or any variation of the spelling.
  • I made an awesome new friend this year named lilli, and my senior year wouldn't be the same without her.
  • The majority of my friends are men, i used men because this is letter m, usually i would say guys but gary was g lol. I have only a few close friends that are girls while the rest of them are boys.
  • In high school i was runner up on being the nicest person in my graduating class.
  • My favorite place to go over the summer is to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, i hope to own a beach house down there one day.
  • My most favorite food is pizza. I don't think there are to many people out there who would disagree with me. If not someone's favorite it is probably at least in most peoples top 5.
  • I enjoy quality time with my sister, especially now because she is moving in july to colorado, and she out of anyone has had the most influence on me and things in my life.
  • I believe that road trips with friends are one of the most fun and awesome things to do.
  • I drive a stick shift car, at first i was so mad that i got one, and now i can't imagine driving an automatic again.
  • I watch to much TV. I have heard this from numerous people, but it is just so good i can't help myself.
  • I have an aunt, cousin and uncle who live down under. Or in Australia if you didn't have that one figured out, and i went to visit them my senior year of high school, and have been wanting to go back ever since.
  • My sister is getting married in Las Vegas in June, it will be my first time there, and probably my last for quite a while.
  • I have worked at the same wings place since i was 16, and i judge other wings based off what we sell there.
  • So X really sucks and this is what i'm using and it is totally cheating. I got chicken pox when i was very young, and only had about 10 total while my brother and sister were covered in them. I however have 3 scars because my sister picked them off of me. how nice.
  • I am the youngest kid in my family, and i wouldn't have it any other way, having an older sister and brother is the best thing i could have asked for
  • One of the places i really wanna travel to is New Zealand, i think that would be so incredible, and i just learned that it is the youngest country in the world.

So i hope you learned something, or maybe you didn't cause maybe you already knew everything about me, but i hope you enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed thinking of things.

random song quote: "I'm gonna Fuck you softly I'm gonna screw you gently I'm gonna hump you sweetly I'm gonna ball you discreetly" -- Tenacious D "Fuck Her Gently"

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

So its here, 2009. The odd years are my years, i graduated in 2005 from high school, and i am graduating in 2009 from college, i hope a lot of awesome things happen this year. My one and only resolution is to make better decisions. I demonstrated that by getting black out drunk last night. My goal was to be wasted by midnight, and i was, and we had a good ol' time. Lots of friends and fun to bring in 09. This post is not going to be long, because i can't remember most of my night, but what i do remember i will elaborate on.

Things I remember from last night.

1. I drank 2 cans of joose, a bottle of champagne, and 2 bud lights, not sure if i had anymore or not, but that is what i remember.

2. I called a lot of people at midnight and only jeremy, my mom, and allie picked up, thanks guys!

3. I sent out a mass text that said "Happy new lear" i don't actually remember doing that, but the proof was in my outbox today when i looked at it.

4. I sent jimmy a text message that said "ooz eeeee lzzzz" or something that like that, followed by another saying "i mean im drunk, what are you doing" also don't remember that but i'm glad i have my phone to tell me.

5. A few days ago kate and i were watching a haunting and there was an evil spirit in these peoples house named seth, he was a black figure, when i put on my pj's i was wearing all black (i was ready for ninja day) and since i was wearing all black kate took a picture of me on her cell phone pretending to be seth the evil spirit (dont remember that either, kate told me, i guess this is more of a list of things people told me i did and some things i remember doing)

6. I fell down the stairs, i'm sure it hurt, but not at the time.

7. I did not sleep all night, and at 6 am when i was laying behind the couch next to kate using my jacket as a pillow, the guys house we were at started flipping out because someone spilled a bowl of popcorn he was screaming "POPCORN!!!! REALLY GUYS?????" and then said all of you fuckers get out of my house. but we were all still drunk and cody lives one neighborhood down, so when the sun came up around 7 we left and slept at codys. because in the words of everyone things seem less illegal during the day.

8. I woke up at 11:30 thought about my night and drove back to sterling with kate, and i just woke up from a nap considering i got about 4 hours of sleep.

Anyway, it was fun bringing in the year with my friends, 08 was quite a year, i can't wait to see what 09 has in store.

*Sidenote: my last day of work is sunday and lilli is coming on monday!!!!!!

random song quote: "if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it."- Beyonce "single ladies"

Im still not completely sure what that line means, if you like what? and dont people usually put a ring on someones finger because they love them, not because they like "it"?