Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

So its here, 2009. The odd years are my years, i graduated in 2005 from high school, and i am graduating in 2009 from college, i hope a lot of awesome things happen this year. My one and only resolution is to make better decisions. I demonstrated that by getting black out drunk last night. My goal was to be wasted by midnight, and i was, and we had a good ol' time. Lots of friends and fun to bring in 09. This post is not going to be long, because i can't remember most of my night, but what i do remember i will elaborate on.

Things I remember from last night.

1. I drank 2 cans of joose, a bottle of champagne, and 2 bud lights, not sure if i had anymore or not, but that is what i remember.

2. I called a lot of people at midnight and only jeremy, my mom, and allie picked up, thanks guys!

3. I sent out a mass text that said "Happy new lear" i don't actually remember doing that, but the proof was in my outbox today when i looked at it.

4. I sent jimmy a text message that said "ooz eeeee lzzzz" or something that like that, followed by another saying "i mean im drunk, what are you doing" also don't remember that but i'm glad i have my phone to tell me.

5. A few days ago kate and i were watching a haunting and there was an evil spirit in these peoples house named seth, he was a black figure, when i put on my pj's i was wearing all black (i was ready for ninja day) and since i was wearing all black kate took a picture of me on her cell phone pretending to be seth the evil spirit (dont remember that either, kate told me, i guess this is more of a list of things people told me i did and some things i remember doing)

6. I fell down the stairs, i'm sure it hurt, but not at the time.

7. I did not sleep all night, and at 6 am when i was laying behind the couch next to kate using my jacket as a pillow, the guys house we were at started flipping out because someone spilled a bowl of popcorn he was screaming "POPCORN!!!! REALLY GUYS?????" and then said all of you fuckers get out of my house. but we were all still drunk and cody lives one neighborhood down, so when the sun came up around 7 we left and slept at codys. because in the words of everyone things seem less illegal during the day.

8. I woke up at 11:30 thought about my night and drove back to sterling with kate, and i just woke up from a nap considering i got about 4 hours of sleep.

Anyway, it was fun bringing in the year with my friends, 08 was quite a year, i can't wait to see what 09 has in store.

*Sidenote: my last day of work is sunday and lilli is coming on monday!!!!!!

random song quote: "if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it."- Beyonce "single ladies"

Im still not completely sure what that line means, if you like what? and dont people usually put a ring on someones finger because they love them, not because they like "it"?

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Katy said...

you drank an entire bottle of champagne?