Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to School, Back to School

So this is my 8th and final semester at school. can you believe it? i cannot. anyways i came back to school from break a little early this year to see my friends and such. We went out and had fun and slept in and it was awesome no school!!! On sunday our last day before school started we went to the most wonderful place in shepherdstown...Bettys! It was me lilli and jeremy. we got the ever famous most delicious awesomatic most gigantic burger in the world. well i mean it doesn't compare to the 8 pound ones i've seen on the travel channel, but it is big. the rumseyburger. here is a picture of all three of them taking over our table. how good do those babies look?

After we ate the rumseyburger we decided to go to the rumsey memorial, and we looked at the river and went to the swings and went to the railroad track, and then it started sleeting on us and we had to walk back across campus to the warmth of our building. the rest of the day consisted of laying around and literally that is it.

Monday was the first day of school. and what a long day it was as are all the rest of my days actually i am writing this blog in my 6 1/2 hour break i have on wednesdays. I have a night class monday through thrusday, so i haven't even had my thursday class yet because it meets only once a week, and today is wednesday. I also have to work mon,tues,and wed 11-1 which isn't that bad cause im making bank, it just makes my days a little longer.

I really have no good things to write about, just wanted to update because i haven't in a while, I will give an awesome recap of the week probably tomorrow or friday, because there are some characters in my classes that i won't be getting into detail about right now. Tomorrow there is a comedian in the rams den and then were going to tonys! so that should be fun. Oh, so i have been helping the admissions office seperate test scores, and today there was one and the girl on it, her last name was cashdollar, and i was very jealous because that is like the coolest last name ever.

alright check back soon for a recap of the school week.

random song quote:"Put you on my billboard, we can act like the charts, i can end up on top" T-pain "bartender"


Katy said...

Cashmoney would be a cooler last name, lol.

lilli said...

"well i mean it doesn't compare to the 8 pound ones i've seen on the travel channel, but it is big"
......uh, that's what she said.

also, the rumseyburger is, in fact, awesomatic. good call. let's go get more.