Saturday, January 17, 2009

My week in review

First and foremost, i would like to say that the picture of the rumseyburgers i took looks like it could be in a magazine, and everytime i see it i want rumseyburgers.

Anyway, so my first week of school has come to an end, this semester is gonna be a long ride ladies and gents, i am forced by the school to take 5 upper level classes this semester, if i want to graduate in may, which i do so i'm taking them, and it blows. So, on mondays wednesdays and fridays i have chemistry which is my 6th class and its a 102 class :-) so easy so interesting i wish i could just sit there and learn everything in one class. I also have media studies, which is shaping up to be a pretty interesting class, but i've heard its kinda hard, oh well i will just have to work my ass off. In my chemistry class it is basically the same people as last semester except for a new hottie, who i have never seen before which in my book means he is either a transfer or a freshmen and i hope he is not a freshmen. I made a new friend in media studies named chris he is very nice. that is all about those 2 classes.

Monday nights i have late adulthood issues and kelsey is in it with me :-) that is a 400 level class so it is going to be exceptionally difficult, i have to do 10 hours of volunteer work with old people and write about it. But i do get to read tuesdays with morrie, which i've been wanting to read so this is a good excuse.

Tuesdays and thursdays i have housing which nothing cool will probably ever happen in, and boot camp which will kick my ass every day for the rest of the semester no matter how used to it i get. the first class i think i died or had an out of body experience. On Tuesday nights i have psych of substance abuse, i already have a paper due on tuesday for that one, there is a girl in my class and her last name is pancake, how cool of a last name is that? ALSO there is a girl in it i didn't pay attention to her name during role, but she looks like a crack addict and i think she might think that the class is actually narcotics anonymous, when infact it is a class to just learn about people who abuse them, so hopefully it will help her out a little bit. Thursday nights i have sociology of humor, which i already had a good time in on thursday, so i am excited for the rest of the semester, my teacher said everyone will probably get made fun of at some point during this class, i am the only person in the class with red hair, so i can't wait to hear what he says. But we have 2 ANNOYING people in this one, one of them sits in the front and i got the low down on him from my new friend chris, apparently he thinks all the sociology teachers love him, but he is really just an annoying bitch and he laughed SO LOUD at everything the teacher said or made us watch. The other girl sits in the back, and talks alllll during class, i've had her in class before but they were classes where talking was welcomed because it was self defense and sculpture, so i didn't realize she did this during lecture as well, and because of her most people probably missed some jokes or didn't hear the things we were listening to, so i hope the teach puts her in her place. also this class is over boooked by 9 people, so people had to sit on the floor, i'm gonna have to get there early every week to get seat.

so that is is, my school week it is going to be a long one, but oh well now i have to go do the 1000 things i have to do for homework. Oh and incase anyone is interested i leave for the bahamas in 4 days!!!!! the high there on saturday is 78. so have fun without me here maybe ill call and let you guys hear the ocean :-)

random song quote: "i dont think your ready for this jelly"- Destiny's Child "bootylicious"

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