Thursday, April 16, 2009

shit happens.

the title of this blog has nothing to do with the reason i am writing this..or does it, who knows. all i know is that life is approaching me super fast. jobs are hard to come by and i don't want to leave shepherdstown. is there any way i can stay here forever secretly posed as a student who doesn't have to pay to live here and can i have meal plan...and have fun all the time?? anyone know how to make that become a reality?

Anyways, i haven't written in a while and as i was about to start writing i looked on my floor and saw a pair of pants that are covered in mud (i faceplanted in the mud outside birch on tuesday night) which reminded me that oh shit i need to laundry and i have no detergent which then reminded me that we were down to like 10 squares of toilet paper and i decided to go the store real quick for those items. lucky for me this was so lucky i walked in and the big display thingy on the end of the aisle with the laundry detergent had a BIG sign saying Gain $4.99 and Angel Soft $4.99 i was like JACKPOT! so now i just have to sit and patiently wait for a washer.

in other news, why is the end of the semester such a bitch? i have never had so many papers and projects due all in the same week, seriously you should see my calendar right is pretty intense. Media Studies, Substance Abuse, Late Adulthood Issues (twice), Housing, and Humor all those classes have papers and one of them has a power point all due within 1 week of each other 3 are due in 3 consecutive days. sweet life is awesome..but it is sort of bittersweet because i remember i only have to put up with teachers and tests for 3 more weeks and then i have face the cruel real world where the bosses are meaner then the teacher who so polietly gives you an extension on your paper because you have 1080432 due the same week.

I feel like i am preachin to the choir though everyone has a lot to do i am just venting. sorry. awesome things have been happening too like i skipped boot camp today becuase i dont want to go (ever again). i don't have my night class tonight..shep fest is this weekend..i've been drinking a lot which is cool lol. i better get it in now since after summer i wont be considered a student (yes i'm giving myself the whole summer to continue living like a college student) finals are in three weeks which means summer..and brad is getting married in three weeks and my sister is getting married in june stuff is going to be fun. so now that i just complained to everyone who read this and thanks for listening, i bid you goodnight.......lets get drunk.

random song quote: "Rolled in late about an hour, no cup of coffee no shower, walk of shame with two different shoes on.."-- "it happens" sugarland

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Girl, you're weird.

So, i am taking a psychology of substance abuse class this semester. it is really interesting and all that jazz. but there is this girl in that class who is weird to say the least. she always has opinions to share and they are always so bizarre and last night i noticed that i wasn't the only one who thought she is dumb i noticed people looking around and making faces.

A couple classes ago we were talking about legit alcoholics. don't worry guys most of us are only in stage 3 out of 6 so we are good. anyways these alcoholics obviously think that they need alcohol to function, so like as soon as they wake up and they have a hangover they will start drinking immediately to get rid of said hangover and continue to drink all day...that is what an alcoholic is incase you didn't know oh and they can act sober too because they are functioning alcoholics..anyways. girl in my class raises her hand and says something along the lines of.."i don't know how someone can drink again after they have a hangover" now at first i saw nothing wrong with this statement, because hello...i have had some bad hangovers and the last thing i want that day is an alcoholic drink..usually i will wait a day or 2 depending on how bad the hangover is. but this is not what she meant, what she meant was that one time she had a really bad hangover and she didn't drink for an entire year she doesn't know how anyone can drink for at least a year after experiencing, umm a headache? and maybe vomited? i was confused. i thought most people put it behind them and if they had a really bad experience with one type of alcohol they just don't drink that kind anymore. anyway i let it slide because that is just a strange thing to say. and she said she rarely drinks anymore. weird thing.....

Last night, we were talking about sex addicts..very interesting stuff. so my teacher then was talking about statch rape and regular rape..and how if you are drunk and a sober person has sex with you that is technically rape becuase alcohol fucks with your brain and blah blah blah you can't make good decisions. but if both people are drunk and consent to sex it isn't rape because its like you just raped each other and sort of cancels out and you just live with your bad choice and hope the person wasn't gross. anywaysssss weird girl asks the weirdest question..and i noticed the girls around me looking at each other as to say really????

she goes well what if i am drunk and my boyfriend and i have sex..but before i got drunk i said it would be okay that if i was drunk that night we could have sex and i even wrote it on paper and signed it.

ARE YOU SERIOUS???? number 1. i thought your bad hangover has prevented you from getting drunk. 2. is your boyfriend not trustworthy or something, and 3. i am pretty sure it doesn't matter if you are drunk or not if you having sex with your boyfriend i think its consentual. and why would you sue your boyfriend for rapeing you? why on earth would you have to write on a piece of paper before you got drunk that it is okay if later after i've had a few drinks and say i want to have sex and you have sex with me. i will not sue you because i am saying it is okay now. signed weird girl.

the teacher was like umm..with your boyfriend its usually okay...and the girl was like cause he was wondering if its illegal to have sex with me if i had been drinking. and the teacher was like umm he sounds very concientious.

those are my only two stories about her. but seriously she is weird.
and i am bringing back random song quote..

"someday somebody's going make you wanna turn around and say goodbye.."- Wilson Phillips "hold on"