Thursday, April 16, 2009

shit happens.

the title of this blog has nothing to do with the reason i am writing this..or does it, who knows. all i know is that life is approaching me super fast. jobs are hard to come by and i don't want to leave shepherdstown. is there any way i can stay here forever secretly posed as a student who doesn't have to pay to live here and can i have meal plan...and have fun all the time?? anyone know how to make that become a reality?

Anyways, i haven't written in a while and as i was about to start writing i looked on my floor and saw a pair of pants that are covered in mud (i faceplanted in the mud outside birch on tuesday night) which reminded me that oh shit i need to laundry and i have no detergent which then reminded me that we were down to like 10 squares of toilet paper and i decided to go the store real quick for those items. lucky for me this was so lucky i walked in and the big display thingy on the end of the aisle with the laundry detergent had a BIG sign saying Gain $4.99 and Angel Soft $4.99 i was like JACKPOT! so now i just have to sit and patiently wait for a washer.

in other news, why is the end of the semester such a bitch? i have never had so many papers and projects due all in the same week, seriously you should see my calendar right is pretty intense. Media Studies, Substance Abuse, Late Adulthood Issues (twice), Housing, and Humor all those classes have papers and one of them has a power point all due within 1 week of each other 3 are due in 3 consecutive days. sweet life is awesome..but it is sort of bittersweet because i remember i only have to put up with teachers and tests for 3 more weeks and then i have face the cruel real world where the bosses are meaner then the teacher who so polietly gives you an extension on your paper because you have 1080432 due the same week.

I feel like i am preachin to the choir though everyone has a lot to do i am just venting. sorry. awesome things have been happening too like i skipped boot camp today becuase i dont want to go (ever again). i don't have my night class tonight..shep fest is this weekend..i've been drinking a lot which is cool lol. i better get it in now since after summer i wont be considered a student (yes i'm giving myself the whole summer to continue living like a college student) finals are in three weeks which means summer..and brad is getting married in three weeks and my sister is getting married in june stuff is going to be fun. so now that i just complained to everyone who read this and thanks for listening, i bid you goodnight.......lets get drunk.

random song quote: "Rolled in late about an hour, no cup of coffee no shower, walk of shame with two different shoes on.."-- "it happens" sugarland

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