Tuesday, May 12, 2009

someone tell me what happened this weekend.

Well, thats it folks. School is out forever. I finished my last final Thursday night, and that is when the weekend got fuzzy.

Jake picked me up from my last final Thursday night, we went to the Meck and had a few beers, then we went to tonys where almost immediately we were seperated, which ain't good. I was there until about 2:30 in the morning and realized I didn't know anyone there except for the people I had just met, which means I had to call Lilli at 2:30 am to pick me up, I am still sorry about that Lilli I feel like a huge bitch, but it meant a lot to me. I had a great time and was happy to celebrate no more finals! I got up at like 8:30 and was realllllly sick, i somehow packed up my car and took down approximately 7 bags of trash. Left Shepherdstown, but first had to stop by jakes hoping that he was both there and coherent enough to hear me banging down his door. He was, and i had to get my bookbag, thanks for being awake jake, or at least waking up when i needed you to :-)

Friday afternoon was a smooth drive til i hit route 7 where i had the worst road rage ever, and i got to my grandmas house pretty quickly i got to see my family that is in from Australia which is totally awesome since the last time i saw them i was a senior in high school. I hung out with them for a little, then had to go home to get ready for my brothers rehersal for his wedding. I did it all in a timely fashion, then went to the rehersal, and the dinner was afterwards at our house. I held off drinking until about 7:30, and everyone else had started as soon as we got back at like 5:30. This dinner quickly turned into an awesome party. Beer pong on the front porch, Biggie Smalls concert out of the DEWALT radio, grandma dancing to the Biggie concert, the cops showed up, and the night ended with sexy kates (shots of tequila) in the living room.

Saturday morning started with my brother waking me up at approximately 8:45 in his bathing suit telling me were going to breakfast then swimming. We made it breakfast where my sister informed me that she threw up the night before, we ate i went home and laid in bed til someone made me get up showered and got ready for the wedding. I had to say a bible verse at the wedding and almost threw up because i was so nervous. We made it through the ceremony and then the reception, where I remember my entire night until the reception ended, leaving me in a very awkward fog of the bar. Wher i know i had at least 1 blue motorcycle 1 rum a coke 1 cherry lifesaver shooter 1 pineapple upside down shooter and 1 soco and lime. that was after the 3 hours of dirty shirleys shot of vodka, and ending the night double fisting coronas. The reception ended at 10 pm. The bar closed at 12 i believe, and i didn't go to sleep until 4 there is a BIG area i don't remember. I can try and give better details in person. Needless to say i woke up with cold sweats to kate puking off the side of the bed into a trashcan and my friend ryan who wasn't even at the wedding on the other side of me. I had no voice, and i am still in voice recovery. So in short, i am on an alcohol break for at least a week, I didnt drink sunday monday or today so i am doing well.

how was your all's weekend/last day of classes?

random song quote: "Hormones racin at the speed of light, but that don't mean its gotta be tonight" -- "Genie in a Bottle" Christina Aguilera

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