Sunday, December 12, 2010

I had a long week

This week has been crazzzy. I became an aunt on Tuesday evening and am blessed with a beautiful healthy niece named Ruth. She is so amazing and cute. Then on wednesday morning i woke up and had a stomach ache, i continued getting ready for my day and went to work, where within an hour of being there I threw up and went home. I continued to lay on the couch all day and was sick for the entire day and ended up calling into work the next day and let my body recover and rehydrate. I felt better by about noon on thursday so I guess i had some strange stomach bug that only lasted 24 hours. it was the worst day ever.

I started another job on saturday at a winery. I got paid in wine on my first day and got 5 free bottles, I learned a lot about wine and tasted a whole bunch of different types. I need to learn a lot quickly, because i went in there knowing that there is white wine and red wine. and now i am expected to tell people what they are blended with and what type of grapes are in them and how they are made and in what kind of barrel and all that jazz.

My friend also had her last day at a job she hated so we celebrated saturday night when i got off work. and then i drank some of the wine i brought home and was exremely hungover this morning (sunday) and had to get up super early for a work meeting at wings. Also on saturday i got tickets for my sister and I to go to the New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys concert in vegas in july. I am so so so so sooooooo excited and cannot wait until july now!

I think that is basically all that happened this week. Hopefully i will have a good story to tell later on this week.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Bringin It Back

I've been on a blog hiatis (sp?) The last blog I wrote was about how I have an amazing boyfriend. Well that was a while ago. I realized my boyfriend was an incredible douche bag that didn't deserve any of my time. We have been broken up for almost 5 months, I forgot how fun it is to be single, but he doesn't let me forget how much of a dick face he is and will text me every once in a while to either

A. call me a slut.
B. call me a whore. or
C. just to be a huge asshole and cuss me out.
Sometimes when I've been drinking and want to fight someone its good for him to do that, so I can just fight him and secretly wish I was punching someone.

Since the last post I have gotten a new job at a bank. But my heart will always be with the wing factory and I still work there as well, forever and always. The bank is pretty legit, I just sit there and look pretty and get paid loooooove it.

I have been living in a house with my friendy friends for the past 6 or so months, we love it. And since moving into the house my life has become a shitshow again. Granted it's only crazy on the weekends, but damn it gets CRAAAZAY.

This is a picture of me and the roommates at our house warming/Lynsey's birthday party. Thats our party deck. It includes absolutely no patio furniture but it does have a beerpong table. We class it up every weekend out there, with our natty light, we are the new rednecks in town.

I am going to really try to blog again I have so many shitshows that I can talk about all saved up, and will try to write about how much I can remember of those days.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life is good

Ahh, my blog, I have long forgotten about you, i just stumbled upon it and decided i should start this back up again. I haven't wrote one of these in so long, since my last post i have gotten a boyfriend, he is amazing. we have been dating for 4 months now. I still am working at buffalo wing factory and am currently looking for a townhouse to move into with my friendy friends. Life is less of a shitshow than it used to be, there are still a few weekends i pretend like i am a college student. We had a little shitshow over the weekend and dustin and i (thats the boyfriend) went to his brothers house, where his brother forced alcohol down our throats we had a lot of fun. this is it for now i assume. i am almost positive no one will read this lol. but have a fun day people

and today so far hasn't been a shitshow.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Misadventures of my Weekend

So, i don't know how many people actually still read this thing, but i figure an update every once in a while is worth if for anyone hoping to read something mildly entertaining about the shitshow that is my life.

My best friends 21st birthday was this weekend, everyone knows that 21st birthdays equal chaos, but with my group of friends they equal the biggest craziest ridiculous adventure you could ever ask for.

We started off the night at sequoia on the waterfront in georgetown for dinner, and by started off i mean ended it there also. we all started drinking at dinner, well those who were invited to dinner, we then moved to the bar which is out on the patio. My new friend came to hang out and i think the experience scared him away forever because he hasn't talked to me sense haha. Anyway the drinks at this place i swear don't have mixers in them, and the shots were half a wine glass full of whatever liquor you want. at least you are getting what you pay for. Birthday girl ended up getting kicked out a little after midnight i believe, we then got denied by 4 cabs because she was so drunk they wouldn't let her in the car. We finally got to the roslyn metro where she threw up outside before we went in, all of us formed a pretty solid human wall around her outside, when a black huge police officer pulled up in a hummer and gave me a tic tac to give to her, i was holding it she wasn't having it. We got into the metro station where she laid down on the floor and took a nap. gross. we told all passerby's it was her 21st birthday and everyone would cheer. once we got in the metro we got the whole metro car to sing happy birthday to her. she passed out on the way home. and i almost peed in my pants. i remember going up to strangers and saying i really think i am going to pee in my pants and i am sorry you have to witness it. then i tried to do pull ups. then we got to the vienna metro where bday girl puked outside that station too. her and i passed out in teh backseat of our friends car on the way home and the person in the passenger seat said she turned around and we were holding on to one another sleeping..we got home and passed out..

Went out again saturday, not as big of a shit show, went to a couple bars, the girl who was driving asked me to go get the car with her and we would be back to pick up the other girls. well they were all blacked out and one of them was out of control and they left before we got back and we don't know how they got home. The girl driving made an illegal left turn and we got pulled over, he made her do a field sobriety test and then breathalyzed her, she blew a .09 luckily the cop was legit and told us to pull into a parking lot and he got us a cab. the taxi driver regreted to inform us that his credit card machine wasn't working and got mad at us for not telling him that we literally had spent ALL of our cash at the bar. i had to walk in on my friend having sex to get cash which was crazy enough. but then the friend who was raging started yelling at us for driving her car even though she gave us the keys to drive her car. and people were screaming and yelling and it was crazy. fun night with an unfortunate end.

so if you still read this i hope you enjoyed the crazy weekend story. and happy 21st birthday girl!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I haven't wrote anything for a while.

It's been a long time since i wrote anything, summer has been in full bloom for a while, i still have no job, except for wings, but i've been having fun and thats what counts.

There were weddings and graduations, and i went to vegas, which was totally amazing and i want to go back sooo bad right now.

Today i feel like shit, and it sucks because i was supposed to go to kings dominion, and i couldn't even breathe in this morning, wtf a cold? that is exactly what i needed. whatever. i just hope i feel better tomorrow. I don't know what to blame it on, maybe that i only had a total of 8 hours of sleep between 2 days, that probably killed my immune system, but i had to so much fun those 2 days that its okay i didn't sleep.

Anyway, i don't have much to say so i will leave you with this awesome picture from vegas...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

someone tell me what happened this weekend.

Well, thats it folks. School is out forever. I finished my last final Thursday night, and that is when the weekend got fuzzy.

Jake picked me up from my last final Thursday night, we went to the Meck and had a few beers, then we went to tonys where almost immediately we were seperated, which ain't good. I was there until about 2:30 in the morning and realized I didn't know anyone there except for the people I had just met, which means I had to call Lilli at 2:30 am to pick me up, I am still sorry about that Lilli I feel like a huge bitch, but it meant a lot to me. I had a great time and was happy to celebrate no more finals! I got up at like 8:30 and was realllllly sick, i somehow packed up my car and took down approximately 7 bags of trash. Left Shepherdstown, but first had to stop by jakes hoping that he was both there and coherent enough to hear me banging down his door. He was, and i had to get my bookbag, thanks for being awake jake, or at least waking up when i needed you to :-)

Friday afternoon was a smooth drive til i hit route 7 where i had the worst road rage ever, and i got to my grandmas house pretty quickly i got to see my family that is in from Australia which is totally awesome since the last time i saw them i was a senior in high school. I hung out with them for a little, then had to go home to get ready for my brothers rehersal for his wedding. I did it all in a timely fashion, then went to the rehersal, and the dinner was afterwards at our house. I held off drinking until about 7:30, and everyone else had started as soon as we got back at like 5:30. This dinner quickly turned into an awesome party. Beer pong on the front porch, Biggie Smalls concert out of the DEWALT radio, grandma dancing to the Biggie concert, the cops showed up, and the night ended with sexy kates (shots of tequila) in the living room.

Saturday morning started with my brother waking me up at approximately 8:45 in his bathing suit telling me were going to breakfast then swimming. We made it breakfast where my sister informed me that she threw up the night before, we ate i went home and laid in bed til someone made me get up showered and got ready for the wedding. I had to say a bible verse at the wedding and almost threw up because i was so nervous. We made it through the ceremony and then the reception, where I remember my entire night until the reception ended, leaving me in a very awkward fog of the bar. Wher i know i had at least 1 blue motorcycle 1 rum a coke 1 cherry lifesaver shooter 1 pineapple upside down shooter and 1 soco and lime. that was after the 3 hours of dirty shirleys shot of vodka, and ending the night double fisting coronas. The reception ended at 10 pm. The bar closed at 12 i believe, and i didn't go to sleep until 4 there is a BIG area i don't remember. I can try and give better details in person. Needless to say i woke up with cold sweats to kate puking off the side of the bed into a trashcan and my friend ryan who wasn't even at the wedding on the other side of me. I had no voice, and i am still in voice recovery. So in short, i am on an alcohol break for at least a week, I didnt drink sunday monday or today so i am doing well.

how was your all's weekend/last day of classes?

random song quote: "Hormones racin at the speed of light, but that don't mean its gotta be tonight" -- "Genie in a Bottle" Christina Aguilera

Thursday, April 16, 2009

shit happens.

the title of this blog has nothing to do with the reason i am writing this..or does it, who knows. all i know is that life is approaching me super fast. jobs are hard to come by and i don't want to leave shepherdstown. is there any way i can stay here forever secretly posed as a student who doesn't have to pay to live here and can i have meal plan...and have fun all the time?? anyone know how to make that become a reality?

Anyways, i haven't written in a while and as i was about to start writing i looked on my floor and saw a pair of pants that are covered in mud (i faceplanted in the mud outside birch on tuesday night) which reminded me that oh shit i need to laundry and i have no detergent which then reminded me that we were down to like 10 squares of toilet paper and i decided to go the store real quick for those items. lucky for me this was so lucky i walked in and the big display thingy on the end of the aisle with the laundry detergent had a BIG sign saying Gain $4.99 and Angel Soft $4.99 i was like JACKPOT! so now i just have to sit and patiently wait for a washer.

in other news, why is the end of the semester such a bitch? i have never had so many papers and projects due all in the same week, seriously you should see my calendar right is pretty intense. Media Studies, Substance Abuse, Late Adulthood Issues (twice), Housing, and Humor all those classes have papers and one of them has a power point all due within 1 week of each other 3 are due in 3 consecutive days. sweet life is awesome..but it is sort of bittersweet because i remember i only have to put up with teachers and tests for 3 more weeks and then i have face the cruel real world where the bosses are meaner then the teacher who so polietly gives you an extension on your paper because you have 1080432 due the same week.

I feel like i am preachin to the choir though everyone has a lot to do i am just venting. sorry. awesome things have been happening too like i skipped boot camp today becuase i dont want to go (ever again). i don't have my night class tonight..shep fest is this weekend..i've been drinking a lot which is cool lol. i better get it in now since after summer i wont be considered a student (yes i'm giving myself the whole summer to continue living like a college student) finals are in three weeks which means summer..and brad is getting married in three weeks and my sister is getting married in june stuff is going to be fun. so now that i just complained to everyone who read this and thanks for listening, i bid you goodnight.......lets get drunk.

random song quote: "Rolled in late about an hour, no cup of coffee no shower, walk of shame with two different shoes on.."-- "it happens" sugarland