Monday, December 1, 2008

Empty the Fridge?

Well Jeremy is graduating in 2 weeks, this is a very sad thought, but we had a party last night for him. We were supposed to empty the fridge, but you can't really do that with only 7 people, we probably would have died if the fridge was actually emptied. We did however drink A LOT of alcohol. My mom contributed 140 jello shooters, which were gone when i woke up this morning.

We decided to keep track of how much we were drinking by having a card and everyone had a different color marker and a different color had to give you your mark. It was a good idea, here is what they looked like..
this was obviously early in th night, no one has that many check marks yet..

If you were to see the cards as i saw them when i left everyone had like a million dash marks, and on the back we were keeping track of jello shooters, i think dave ate 50 of them by himself. he was really champin it up.

Well, we started drinking really early like at 4. We were all blacked out at 8, i think more people came over and we were all hammered lol, how pissed would you be if you showed up at your friends house at 8 and everyone was already hammed. So dave and i passed out in a chair together and he was holding a beer and he spilt the entire thing on us, and my pants were soaking wet. I think that is why i ended up taking my pants of for the rest of the night...i don't know what time that was but im guessing it was pretty early because everyone was asleep before midnight. Then as i was laying in bed, aaron knocked on daves door letting us know that the toilet over flowed, everyone blamed me but it was not me, and i fixed it in my shirt no pants and daves HUGE skater like shoes. i looked awesome.

I woke up this morning confused of where i was and what time it was and where my pants were. Lilli and i had to get back to campus because we had 9:10 classes today, awesome. I woke up at about 8 and then went to jeremys room for a while and we relived the fact that we were all blacked out and passed out before midnight, i found my pants but did not put them on because they were still wet and smelled like a bud heavy. I did however find a pair of pj pants in my car that i put on, they were bright yellow with christmas lights on them. Lilli and i had to sit in my car forever cause it was frozen solid and i couldn't drive it yet we stopped at mcdonalds where i got a glimpse of myself in the window and thought to myself or maybe it was outloud "how do i have any friends?" I got 2 hashbrowns and a GIANT sprite at mcdonalds, came home with a mild hangover and went to yoga, and thought i was going to have sprint out and vom because we were doing this crazy rocking thing that wasn't helping.

So the night was a success in that we got wasted, but we did not empty the fridge, were going to have to drink it all this weekend i suppose.

Joke of the Day: What did the left nut say to the right nut?

The guy in the middle thinks he is so hard


jeremy blaine said...

I took those pictures, they look as fuzzy now as they did then...

lilli said...

haha mine's a pretty poor showing.