Sunday, December 21, 2008

Whats a girl gotta do to get some sleep??

Granted it is totally my fault that i have gotten no sleep these past couple days and i tried to make up for getting only 3 hours of sleep in one night by getting 12 the next, my sleep cycle is fucked and all my body wants to do is lay in bed.

With that out of the way on to more important things. Last night was super fun, i went out to arlington to visit jeremy! yay i missed him a lot already. His parents were having a party and i got to come it was pretty awesome. We got joosed, as we normally do. We also had copious amounts of beer, played sonic on his sega, and called lilli. His friend lucas came over, and also Jimmy came over, it was good to see him, since i haven't seen him in a couple weeks. Lilli also called us at some point in the night and we talked to her for a while. I became best friends with jeremy's little sister annie once jimmy and lucas left cause she hung out with me while jer talked on the phone. We passed out somewhere around 4 i think. We woke up super early and i decided to leave. it was 9am. I however ended up sitting in my car for 30 minutes while the ice thawed off of it. I made it home in good time it only took a half an hour. Everytime i leave his house i end up coming a different way home and i don't know how it even happens, but it does. I walked in the house and got directly back in bed and tried to sleep until noon because i had to work at 1.

I still have absolutely no idea why i had to work today, i went in at 1 and got off at 4, it would have made a lot more sense for me to work those 3 hours if it was during the skins game, but they didnt even play until 4:15 so i made it home from work in time to see kick off and it was just getting really busy when i left, poor planning on their part. i mean sweet 3 extra hours on my paycheck, but really whatever. Excitment ensued at work when a little boy left 3 fake dragon tatoo's on his table and we put them on. I have the coolest dragon on my arm right now its purple and red and i feel like such a badass.

My brother and his fiance had us over for dinner tonight, we had steak, pork chops, corn, baked potatos, rice, salad, cookies. They got a new grill, dinner was delicious and it helped me shake the stupid hangover i had all day, i hadn't had a real hangover since like august and i hated it. As soon as i got home i got back in bed to watch tv but my sleepy body decided to take a nap...and as soon as i turned off the tv and closed my eyes 15 people decided it would be perfect to text me, so i am awake now and writing a blog that is stupid and not interesting.

Fun Facts! i filled up my entire gas tank for less that 20 dollars yesterday, i have to work tomorrow morning hopefully i will make some cash so i can go christmas shopping (which i still haven't done) and my friends wanna drink tonight but i don't know if i have it in me, i am lame lol. Also i want cookies.

Random song quote: "If she a pothead with too many zits. A movie star withinflatable tits." - Little T "Shaniqua don't live here no mo'"


jeremy blaine said...

ditch the drinking problem, get some sleep. thats all im saying.

Hillary said...

lol don't worry i did. i got a full 8 hours and then some last night and no alcohol will be in my blood stream til christmas eve :-)