Thursday, December 18, 2008

Home is Where the Beer is

Most people upon returning home for break from school actually do a lot less drinking then they did the entire school year. I however do not, because my friends at home drink just as much as my friends at school. The past 2 nights have been rediculous. I worked (yes i did) on tuesday night made about 70 bucks or so but then bought a case of beer, and had to declare more money in tips than i actually walked out with, that was depressing. Anyways, after work, ben ryan and i made the trip out to fairfax to visit kate. And by visit i mean drink heavily and pass out. Which is just what we did, I learned a new drinking game called landmines. I will be bringing that back to Shepherd with me, if you want to play i cannot describe it on here, we will have to hang out and i will show you in person. Anyway moral of the story, landmines gets you fucked up.

When i woke up on wednesday morning kate had just left to go nanny and i was switching from the bed i fell asleep in to her bed, cause i love her bed, i accidently slept until 1 when kate came home and proceeded to wake me up like this "HEY! ASSHOLE!!! GET UP!!!!" and i did because i was starving and it was one o clock. We went to noodles and company for lunch, and we both got macaroni and cheese, kate ate hers in less than 30 seconds, and was still hungry and got pot stickers. I didn't finish mine but luckily kate has a never ending pit in her stomach and finished it off for me. We came home laid in bed and watched a haunting on discovery and then kate took a nap.

We decided we were drinking again last night, which then required me to go to target to buy clothes cause all i had was sweats and a wings shirt and a shirt from cubby's 2 different restaraunts im such a fatass. I got a pair of underwear, a new bra because the one i was wearing literally broke in half the wire snapped honestly that shit would only happen to me, i got a t shirt and i ended up buying the cutest coat ever made, it was 50% off so i had to jump on it. We went to fridizzles (TGIFridays for those who don't know) and i got the cheesy bacon cheeseburger it has a layer of fried provelone on it, in other words its like heaven for your mouth. Then we stopped by another store for 2 cases of beer, and i scored big time cause they had red joose, it was my first time with red joose and it lived up to all of my expectations of it. Kates friend Colin brought 2 18 packs over. And a few people came over and we were all hammered. The toilet broke. CAN YOU BELIEVE THE TOILET BROKE!! i was freaking out cause it reminded me of empty the fridge the night. But i figured out what was wrong the chain is broken in the tank. Me and James somehow got it to flush and we were the heros, but we had to use the upstairs bathroom all night. Kate decided she was going to "make a sign" for the bathroom door. She took markers and wrote BROKE in huge letters on the door. Then fixed it a little and it says hey mother fuckers don't use this bathroom it is BROKEN! and then everyone wrote on it, even spongebob, he wrote his famous krusty krab pizza song. click that to see how awesome it is.

I woke up this morning the house reaked of booze and kate was going to work. We went to ihop i have no money again. When we got home sarah and i cleaned up and watched a haunting on discovery again (a lady got bit by a ghost). I am finally home and just ate some yummy pizza. Tomorrow i get to see jeremy! yay!! So for those of you who are wondering why the title of this blog is today was a shitshow, i hope you're getting the jist of how my life works. everyday is a shitshow.

Random Song Quote: "I like to fuck leather pants gerry curls"- Tila Tequila "i like to fuck"

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jeremy blaine said...

Hill, you break toilets everywhere you go, don't you? I'm kidding, but its trivial, right? thanks for the shout out, and P.S.

every store in Arlington has Joose of all flavors, just saying.