Saturday, December 6, 2008

Odds and Ends

So, i am working hall security, its my last shift of the semester! yayyyy!! i haven't posted in a while and still don't have anything good to talk about but i am going to try a post out of my ass about the shenanigans we have gotten into since the picture post.

O.M.G. a girl and her boyfriend are making out hard core right in front of me in the lobby of maple i am so grossed out they are not a good looking couple, katy its the couple that you were just talking about on the way to wal-mart the punk one, omg they are still making out please please please stop this is so awkward central i cant handle it. okay they are done.

Anyway, on thursday nothing happened at all, lilli and i saw our break dancing dude in the gym and the rams den unfortunately he was not break dancing any of the two times we saw him. We had a delicious meal of chicken fingers and fries in the rams den on jeremy's meal plan, thanks jer! and then got home got showered got dressed and we went to the boys radio show, i was to embarassed to say anything on the radio, even though i am pretty sure that not to many people were listening to shepherd radio station at 10 o clock at night, but i was still to scared. Lilli said a joke on the radio it was pretty good lol. We went to tony's afterward and i only had 2 beers cause i had to drive my car back cause i didn't want a ticket i am so responsible. Tonys was fun though we had a good time and lilli and i and jeremy and i danced and we had a good time, like we always do.

Yesterday, lilli, dave, jake, and i went to buffalo wild wings for dinner, if you have not been there and you loooooove buffalo wings i highly suggest you go there. we had a lot of yummy food and jake drank 2 giant beers because he was nervous to go to the art show we were about to attend, because he said that he always says the wrong things at them so i told him not to talk. he did good for the most part. The show was really good, jeremy had a piece in it which was totally awesome loved it jer! and there was all sorts of crazy art work that really made you think for a little. This one girl had a little booth set up and was taking pictures of people during the show and then they were playing on a slide show on the wall next to the booth. She like had you sit in a chair and then close your eyes and did something to affect one of your senses and as soon as you made the face she took the picture, it was really cool and funny to look at all the pictures that she took. After that we went over to the boys house and it was like 32 degrees in there so we went home and put on 12 layers of clothes so we weren't cold anymore.

Jeremys two friends from home were up visiting for his art show and they are twins! the coolest twins in the world in fact. Tommy (one of the twins) showed us a new fun drinking game called superlatives, where you come up with a question like most likely to get arrested by the end of the semester or something like that and then everyone has everyone elses name on a piece of paper and you put in who you think is most likely to do that and if your name gets thrown in you have to figure out who put you and if you guess right they drink if you guess wrong you drink. i think it is the most fun game in the state, maybe even the world. Then when we woke up tommy was sleeping on the church pew which made my day.

For lunch we went to the beloved bettys. Lilli was a virgin to the place so she was probably most excited but then again i get that excited everytime we decide that we are going to go. Jeremy got a rumsey burger i decided i shouldn't even attempt one again its way to big for me and i know this but i do enjoy how delicious it is. I got a grilled ham and cheese, argueably the second best thing on the menu omg it is so good im not even hungry right now and i want a grilled ham and cheese. Lilli and dave got the same thing i think its called a country skillet bowl it has everything one person wants for breakfast combined in a bowl, i think there is home fries eggs gravy either with sausage or with chipped beef cheese and a biscuit. ahh what will they come out with next, bettys solves all your food dilemmas.

Oh i forgot to say we stopped at wal-mart last night cause lilli and i are going to tie dye some t shirts so we got a kit im so psyched. buttttttt i was thinking about how freaking expensive my total was cause i bought the t shirts and lilli bought the dye, i also had to get some paint brushes and glue, and my total was 22 dollars and i didn't think anything of it because we were in a hurry to get to the art show. But today i was all like waiiiiit hold up 22 dollars for 10 dollar pack on shirts, 72 cent paint brushes and 2 dollar glue, now that doesn't add up, so i looked at my receipt and the lady somehow also rang me up for the tie dye, even though lilli bought it before me and had already paid for it and was holding it in a bag, how weird. So i called today and the manager said just come in and go to the service desk they will take care of you so katy and i made the trek out to wal mart and i stood in line at customer service and katy got chap stick and a book about cookies. i got my 10 dollars back and was happy and then got a baconater for dinner lol and katy got arbys and ate the entire meal before we got home i enjoyed mine at our apartment and now i am sitting at the desk in maple. someone broke a bottle of vinigar down here and it smells but im used to it but everyone keeps talking to me about it like i have all the answers lol.

random song quote: "she cook she clean never smells like onion rings" - webbie "independent"

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Katy said...

LOL the onion ring line is the best yet most digusting thing ever. If I ever smell like onion rings, please let me know so I can go wash it out of my pores.