Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Can't Believe it's Over...

Well girls and boys, Thursday marked the end of the semester for me, and most of my friends. It is really unbelievable that it is over already and I only have one more semester until I graduate. We ended the semester the only way we know how; lots of alcohol.

On Thursday katy moved out because she is leaving me next semester, which is totally weird considering we have lived together sooo long. Allie went home for break early in the afternoon, and Lilli and I went to martinsburg for the essential items needed for a blow out 2 nights. Essential item number one was the worst sweater ever for a tacky sweater party we were attending on thursday night. And essential item number two was aparently in our minds a handle of aristocrat vodka and a handle of this rum called ron pablo, no one ever buy that. Anyway, We got home with what we needed and made drinks at 3:30 and then Jeremy picked us up for dinner and we continued to drink from 5 until pass out time. Our sweaters were bangin though he is a lovely family portrait..

We made it home from the sweater party all in tact jeremy got a little bruised up from falling down the stairs, and being drug down a hallway, but they are minor injuries and he will heal up in no time.

Friday we woke up and cleaned the apartment because i forgot to mention that jeremy tried desperately to build a fort in our living room and the furniture was everywhere, but it is now back in place, and i did some of the dishes that were left in the sink and lilli did the rest when she woke up. I eventually took a shower and we were celebrating Peter's birthday, for those of you who do not know Peter is my sculpture head, we had a few people over to drink and celebrate no school. Kate, Sarah, and Kelly came up from VA for the festivity. The ron pablo and the bacardi 151 are almost gone and two 30 packs of bud light and a case of miller high life were all gone when we woke up on saturday morning. Peter was passed out on the beer pong table and my other sculpture guy Homer lost an eye. The night was a success. We played lots of games drank lots of alcohol danced to lots of michael jackson and forgot all about the semester that is now behind us. Here is my favorite picture of the night, sarah spilt her entire drink in our kitchen and all over Jeb's foot...

I had to drive home on saturday and go to a pampered chef party my mom was having. Lucky for me it was also a cocktail party. I got home at 3:15 and had to shower and be ready by 4 don't worry i did it. I then started drinking Titos (best vodka ever made) and cranberrys. Kate showed up and was makin margaritas and then my brother came over after the party and he also was having some SD's (strong drinks) with us, we put in the office DVD board game that katy got me for christmas and that was fun and then we ordered pan pizza from pizza hut and rented step brothers. I was pretty drunk by the end of the night, oh and we ran out of ice at some point, and my dad (who was also drinking titos and cranberry, but he only puts the cranberry in for color) decided we needed to get more so my brother drove us to the store, aparently this is what happened inside. Dad ran in quickly and then took 10 minutes to get a bag of ice. He didn't even wait in line though he just got a bag of ice and gave 3 dollars to a guy stocking the shelves and said i am taking this ice and ran back out. I wish i could have witnessed that.

Today was a day for recovery, unfortunately my football team sucks and forgot how to play football today so they lost to the bengals, and will not be in the playoffs yay! oh well im over it. I am also about to go to IHOP with ben and ryan that should be fun. And Lilli was going to come over today but she texted me and said she might just go home. I am assuming that is what happened because i haven't heard otherwise.

Random song quote: "Dance floor jam packed, hot as a teakettle"- "candy shop" 50 cent


jeremy blaine said...

IHOP?! that disappoints me.

jeremy blaine said...

i am going to need that picture to photoshop some shades onto my face!