Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shepherd Breeds the Uncoordinated.

Last night, Lilli and I were gettin our swoll on at the gym, we normally get our swoll on on mondays. Well luckily for us we had to pee last night before doing our cardio work out...and upon leaving the restroom we saw a 300 pound asian boy? man? kid? Whatever he was, he was attemptin to break dance in front of 2 girls who i am assuming he was trying to woo. Anyway we caught the tail end of it, and he attemping like a half way hand stand and fell to the ground with the loudest fucking thud one person has ever made. IT WAS SO FUNNY. but we didn't laugh, no we are not that mean, just kidding we laughed just not in his ear shot and lilli whispered something like "did that really just happen?" we got over it pretty quickly, i however found myself in zumba last night, which is just dance cardio, we had a new lady there last night tryin it out. MOST UNCOORDINATED WOMAN EVER. i'm not saying i can dance or hold a beat but God Damn i must look like a professional next to this woman. I couldn't even glance over at her during the class because it threw me off she was doing something that didnt look ANYTHING like what was supposed to be happening...After zumba me and lilli pumped iron and saw nothing out of the ordinary until dinner time.

We decided to get some fucking good ass wraps from the bistro i got a buffalo chicken wrap cause duh it was monday, lilli got a chicken salad wrap cause her last buff chick wrap was giant or something. Well we were sitting minding our own business but who do i see sitting at the table behind us but the 300 pound asian person we had previously saw in sara cree. I laughed cause i remembered his failed attempt at some sort of break dancing move earlier in the night. Low and behold this kid gets up from his seat when i immediately inform lilli to turn around. He was on the ground this time with 3 girls watching attempting to do break dancing flairs, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RAMS DEN. i was embarassed for him, this kid was originally going to just be a side note in blog, but i saw him twice doing something so ridiculous i had to write the whole thing just about him. I got this text from lilli this morning..."oh my gosh, the kid that was doing breakdancing last night was just moonwalking in the rams den."

i ask you boys and girls, what is his problem. however i am glad we have so many characters that go to this school they make your day that much better.

real side note: road trip with some cool people this weekend so so so excited :-)

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