Monday, November 17, 2008

the dvd player sucks!

So, I know i did not update my blog yesterday for this i appologize. But i do have some pretty good stories to tell you.

1. On saturday night i went out with my roommate allie, we drank here for a little then went to tony's where i chugged 2 vodka cranberries and some guy bought me a red headed slut. i was drunk. while there i saw my good friend patty and his friend. i talked to them the whole time and then allie said we are going to the baseball house and i was all "okay sweet!" so we went, once there i realized there wasn't a real party happening it was just a bunch of baseball players and us, and allie left like 20 minutes after we got there and left me there with the entire baseball team, not that i'm complaining cause we got some good looking baseball players, but still i didn't know anyone and because of this was the center of attention, i did however drink more there and was almost completely shithoused when kristie came back to get me at THREE in the morning after allie had been comfortably sleeping in her bed for a good 2 hours. I then proceeded to text my one friend and said something to embarassing to put in a blog, and was ashamed so i made sure to text him the next day appologizing for myself and telling him to delete that text and never speak of it again, he politely said its okay hill, you're awesome.

2. Last night Lilli came home!!! YAY! i missed her she was in boston from thursday until late last night, i was thrilled she came home. Anyway, sometime last week we stole the 'its always sunny in philadelphia' dvds from some of our coolest friends in the whole world, they had no idea we had these dvds. It was very easy to do, we walked into their house took them and left and they never even knew we were there. So we created a ransom note that is pretty B.A. (badass) and delivered it to their house last night. I'm not sure if they found the note yet, but we also took a picture of ourselves with said dvds and texted it to them last night, i am assuming some sort of awful retaliation is in store for us...

3. With the story above said, you now have a little bit of a background for this one. A few years ago, i bought a dvd player for our apartment, it was like 20 dollars and it got the job done. Recently it has been being a huge bitch. it does things such as skips lots of dvds, always tells me i am inserting the wrong disc when i know for a fact i am not. It is just a huge piece of shit, well actually it is small so a small piece of shit. Friday night, allie tried to watch some movies in it and the dvd player read wrong disc for every single one. I think the last straw for this guy was that lilli accidently left it on all night and i think it was to much for it to handle. Last night, we wanted to watch the its always sunny dvds, so we go put them in and low and behold the fucking dvd player says "wrong disc" every time we tried. We got mad, so we decided to just take it out and watch it in lilli's computer, but now the dvd player won't open we had to pry the little flap down and then use tools to make it move at all. Once it came out, the dvd was no where in sight, we paniced for a split second but then decided we needed to fully take apart our dvd player, so we did and right now our dvd player is in like 4 pieces out in the living room and we were able to watch our show.

Hopefully later i will have a few pictures of our night last night...

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