Thursday, November 20, 2008

randomy randomness

This semester as most of you know, i am taking a sculpture class, it is really fun and cool and stuff, but i thought it was all going a bit to well for me and knew my luck would soon run out. We have been working on making a sculpture head for literally the entire semester, it started in august and it should be complete by december 9, thats a long time to work on something. Anyway my head was really cool when he was made out of clay and i just wanted to put him in the oven and bake the clay, but that is not what we did, instead we had to a painstakingly long process of casting it and then let it sit for 2 weeks after we poured the plaster into the mold. Then you literally get a chisel and a pipe and beat the living shit out of it until it reveals the beautiful head you made. Unless of course you are me, in which case you beat the living shit out of it just to find that most of his hair is crumbling and is lost amongst the rubble, and his ear is gone as well.

Once that happened i had a mini freak out and then his face turned out okay until it cracked and then i lost all hope for it. My head isn't the only one having this problem, in fact today my teacher and i managed to fix Peter ( thats my heads name) up pretty good and he will be a brand new man after thanksgiving break which by the way starts for me tomorrow at noon. Hell to the yeah!

Moving on, Tonight jake made me dinner :-) well not just me, he made it for me jeremy and dave. It was so yummy. And he didn't just make it for fun, it was actually for a class and his final project is to make dinner in an hour from scratch. It is a hard task i did it last year, but i think jakes turned out really good. He made us buffalo chicken burgers with bleu cheese mixed into them and deviled eggs and some bangin ass pasta salad which i have the leftovers of in my fridge at the moment. So my hat goes off to jake for this yummy dinner and congratulations for doing so well in the class!

And last, but certainly not least...
remember my blog the other day about how we saw that big huge asian breakdancing in sara cree and in the student center?? well here is some great news, we saw him warming up like you know running in a circle like breakdancers do in sara cree again the other day and we tried to slowly walk out of the building in hopes of seeing some of his moves again but unfortunately we walked to fast. Buttttttttt we did find out from lilli, who works at the info center that this guy is in fact the president of a breakdancing club on campus becuase he reserved a room for a meeting, i need somebody to join this club and tell me everything because i certainly will not join.

oh and since everyone else has a cool little blah blah blah of the day i want one too and mine is going to be a joke of the day and here is todays:

how did burger king get dairy queen pregnant?
he forgot to wrap his whopper


lilli said...

i dunno what you're talking about...
i'm TOTALLY joining the breakdancing club.

Katy said...

your sculpture head has taken all semester? so has my paper for Horner :( lol hate school.