Saturday, November 22, 2008

Innn West Philadelphia...

Today was awesome. We as in Me, Lilli, Dave, and Jeremy drove to Philly for 3 things. 1. to get lilli an ID, 2. to get delicious cheese steaks, and 3. to meet gram (jeremy's grandma). All things on that list were a great success. however, you can't have a road trip with ridiculous things happening to you correct?

Jeremy scored us a GPS from marshall last night so we did not look up any directions and trusted Doreen (that is what we named her) to get us to Philly safe and sound. But doreen, she had a different idea. She was going to get us there alright, but she was going to take us through the projects of every city, especially baltimore, it was scary luckily i was quick on my feet and snapped some really good pictures of the scary place we were in. here are a few..

In this picture, we see a few of the awesome houses in innercity baltimore, it was utterly terrifying, all of our doors were locked but i was still scared.

In this picture please note that there is barbed wire alllllll around the top of that fence, why did doreen do this to us you ask? so we could have awesome picture i suppose.

Moving on, we then encountered an awesome bilboard sign that said and looked like this... if you can't read the bottom part it says teach your kid it's not a dirty word.

So, once we got through all the scary shit we then came to a road that made everyone laugh because this is what it was called, haha, funny cause blue balls are funny, but wait 20 min. later we saw this one...

the way there was quite an adventure, i am glad doreen took us that route, even though jeremy was in the backseat screaming at us that we should not listen a word she was saying because she was wrong, oh but she got us there a few hilarious pictures and jokes later, we never would have awesome pictures like this if we just took 95 up, now would we jeremy.

It took us most of the day to do this trip, literally from like 10:30 until 9:30, but it was well worth it. I even got a t-shirt from chubby's the place we got cheese steaks mmmm they were delicious.

Everything happened very successfully, we got lilli's id, which is really legit, and that transaction wasn't sketchy at all (just kidding) but seriously why hasn't that place been shut down? oh well, my friend has one i don't care if they shut down now. We had delicious cheese steaks, oh and Chubby's sold colt 45 40's it was pretty awesome, and the two kids in line in front of us bought two smirnoff ice's they are cool. And we got to meet jeremy's gram, she called jake a pansy cause he met her before and he is scared of her. I think she is the most awesome lady ever!

We stopped for coffee on the way home, and someone at that reststop was smoking weed hard core, we wanted to score some, and said if we did jake would be so mad he didn't come and went to work instead, but at least he is scoring some big bills there. We took the boring route home, which was probably a good idea that we weren't in baltimore at night time. we dropped the boys off and then i got in my car and drove back to northern virginey. I am now very sleepy from the day and will probably go to sleep. but here is the best picture we managed to take of the 4 of us..

Joke of the day:
What did the penis say to the condom?
cover me, i'm going in!

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