Saturday, November 15, 2008


upon hearing the sad sad news that Betty's was closing, we went for lunch today and like i said got a rumsey burger, a rumsey burger is like a big mac only like 100 times bigger and 200 times better, i am the worst rumsey burger eater ever, i can barely even finish mine while nick finished within 5 minutes of recieving his and jeremy shortly after that, i was still trying to finish it after everyone at the table had finished eating. Anyway, we asked our waitress if the horrible rumor was true that betty's was closing down. She said no way, and if the owner now decides to sell it that she personally would buy it and keep it going, with that weight off our chests we were able to relax knowing that wouldn't be our last time in betty's.

Anyway, i recently was linked to this website, it is called the impossible quiz, apparently there are 110 questions in it, it is the hardest fucking 'quiz' in the whole world i think i have gotten to number 82, here try it people and good luck..
If you get passed 82 please tell me how to do it cause its hard no lie.

Also, last night i bought MD 20/20 why i thought that was a good idea is beyond me but i don't want to buy it ever again, or at least not for a while :-) I wish i had a funny story to tell about last night, but i really don't except we went to get more things to drink at like 11, and i got a little tiny reese's cup it was 15 cents i think that is a rip off, but it really caught my eye and i reallllllllly wanted it.

There was really no point to this blog, but like i said in the previous one i am going to try and write one every day. Now i'm going to try and get a paper started hopefully something awesome will happen tonight so i can tell a cool story tomorrow :-)


jeremy blaine said...

fuck that! that quiz is re-dick

jeremy blaine said...

I must be an ar-tard becuase I cant get past the 24-2=? question. after finally figuring out the HORSE question.