Wednesday, November 19, 2008

His Name is Still Ryan O'Connell

Pronounced: douchebag.

Okay, so in order to know what i am talking about in this blog you are going to have to refer over to katys blog to read the original 'His Name is Ryan O'Connell' it will probably take you a second to find it but if you have not yet read it please read it before reading this one.

Anyway, I was recently thinking about ryan o'connell and why he up and left that one day and out of curiosity i texted him the other day in hopes of an answer, the following conversation insued.

me: so did you ever come up with an excuse as to why you peaced out of my apartment that one night?

him: i don't remember so what are you doing tonight?

me: omg you are such an ass. Really u got up out of my bed said i have to pee and left and never said another word and now you're asking me what i'm doing tonight?

him: you mean at shepherd

me: yes i do

him: well sorry you were a prude

me: so you really did just come up to fuck me and when i didn't want to thats why you left?

him: No but i had to be somewhere thats why i left in a hurry

me: so you left because i was a prude and you had to be somewhere 20 minutes after you got here. Even though we were supposed to watch a movie?

This is where Katy interviened and said OMG you have to get him back up here so we can be mean to him, i orginally thought this was a good idea but later got freaked out and she made me send him this next message.

me: well can i prove to you that im not a prude?

him: yeah well when can i come over

me: um i have a meeting tonight, but can you do late on wednesday?

the next day...
him: hey i can come over anytime today after 5

I did not reply to this text message then he called me...3 times and left a voicemail saying the same thing as that text. i finally texted him back after leaving the gym..

me: hey whats up i just got out of the gym

him: im in the gym too whens a good time to come up
i did not respond

him: hey whats up can i come up

me: what time?

him: whenever, just call me

him: well it would take me 40 min to get there

him: are you there

me: yeah, your really desperate for some ass aren't you? Did you really think i wanted to see you again after what you did? I know you just really wanted ass, sorry.

him: yeah

me: wow, im glad you can admit it. Sorry im not going fuck you.

so that was our conversation this kid really is a douchebag who just wants to fuck you, i never heard of anything like that ever ever ever.

*side note: mad props to whoever did the chair/gumball knock and ditch last night very impressive, i am guessing it was jake. good job boy.


Katy said...

the first step in recovering from douchebaggery is admitting youre a douchebag.

jeremy blaine said...