Friday, November 14, 2008

My First One!

Well, this is my very first blog. I decided I should jump on the bandwagon. Everyone I know has a blog, why not me too?

A few things you should know is i don't use grammer correctly or like capitalize things, so throughout my blogs they probably won't be grammatically correct so sorry if that bothers you. I also am not a very good speller, so i'm sorry :-)

Well lets see for the first blog what can i write about?
Today i had to give a tour of campus to the most socially awkward boy in the history of awkwardness, and his mother. His mother seemed super nice and awesome however she got her masters in reading...thats strange. Anyway, this boy was staring at my chest almost throughout the entire tour. I don't know if he was actually looking at boobs or what, but he was staring hard core, i will give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was trying to read my shirt, but i had a zip hoodie on and you couldn't really see it, and the neckline on my shirt wasn't scandalous or anything I reallllllllllly hope he was just trying to read my shirt, otherwise that is creepy. I think he might go to school here however, he seemed very interested he is from morgantown, and why would anyone wanna go to a school with 27,000 other people?

In other news, our most favorite place to eat, Bettys, is closing down. This is the worst news of the entire day. We are going there this weekend in hopes of getting the most delicious rumsey burger one last time.

Well that is about it for the day, I will try and post a new one everyday so keep checking back!

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