Friday, March 13, 2009

My car is awesome! (not)

So, my car really is awesome, its a convertible, its a stick shift and its so awesome. it kind of looks like the batmobile. i feel like a badass when i drive it. its pretty awesome. HOWEVER, every few months it breaks. i swear my parents have put as much money into fixing the damn thing as how much they paid for it to begin with. with that being said i will give a brief synopsis as to what has gone wrong with my lovely little car.

When i first got it, it was awesome nothing ever broke on it. then i got to school and it sat at my house for the whole summer cause i didn't take it with me, and when i brought it with me my sophomore year and the power steering went out in it. that was so awesome, it happened in a parking lot of a gas station with my friend bridget and i let some guy drive it to figure out what was wrong with it, why am i so dumb? he said he didn't know. DUH! so i took it to the shop and they fixed it. it cost a lot but my parents paid for it. after that got fixed it was good for a while, til i had to get it inspected over the summer, and it failed and i don't even remember what all was wrong with it, but it cost 1000 dollars to fix and when i went to go pick it up the place had put 50 miles on it and drained my gas tank. awesome. after that it was good again for a while, then someone slashed the tire at school, that wasn't the cars fault but i still had to get a new tire, then it had all the little problems cars have, and then this year it was making super weird noises whenever i drove and turned it and everyone had a different idea of what it was, so again i brought it in. They said a hose was leaking and fixed it. They also mentioned that the breaks were going to need to be fixed. my mom said i could get them done when i got home cause our friend can do it, so i got them fixed when i got home. k so all that happened, and today on my way home, i was on my way to get the state inspection because well it was expired, and low and behold..."ms.sisson, there was a problem with your car.." the back breaks need to be replaced before it can pass the state inspection.

so now that i got that off my chest i am going to go lay down in my bed til they call me and say its fixed. and do you realize that everytime i have had to get this car fixed they always say thats the last time you'll need to get this looked at for a while. LIARS all of them.

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Katy said...

lol reread this entire entry and count how many times "awesome" is used. did you do that on purpose? haha