Sunday, March 15, 2009

Robert the Doll

If any of you know me, and i know you do, you know i love and hate to be scared. i love to hear scary stories i like to see scary things i love to watch scary movies and it all usually fucks me over by the time its time to go to sleep and will screw my sleep cycle up pretty badly, a good example of this is after i saw the exorcism of emily rose, i literally had to stay up until three am every single day because that is when the bad things happened in the movie and if they were going to happen i wanted to be awake for them not be awaken by them. but dispite all that, i still love being scared.

With that being said, today i went to visit my sister today to get my bridesmaid dress (it was at her house) and we got on the topic of the show 'a haunting' on discovery channel and i was telling her about a few of the really scary ones. She then brought up this doll his name is robert, or Robert the Doll as he is widely known around the world, she thought i should have already heard about him, but she was wrong i did not. She told me a little bit about him and so as soon as i got home, i googled him

This is a picture of Robert the Doll. He is a three foot tall doll and holds a lion was hand made and is dressed in a sailor suit. He looks so scary just off hand. So the story goes something along the lines of this family the Ottos lived in Key West Florida and they had this really pretty really big house, so they had a lot of servants and such living there. there was one particular woman who was in charge of their son, robert eugene otto, they called him gene. Apparently this woman and Mrs. Otto got into a tiff and mrs.otto fired this woman. she was from jamaica and was into voodoo, which is also scary. She made this 3 foot tall doll for gene, which was named after him thats how we got robert the doll. before jamaica gave this doll to gene she supposedly put a curse on it, because duh she was mad at mrs otto for firing her ass. I don't think jamaica could have made robert more terrifying looking. Anyways, Robert had like a mind of his own and was often times heard giggling and talking to gene, but gene was totes obcessed with robert and literally brought him everywhere, he brought him to town he had a place at the dinner table, he waiting on the toilet til gene was done taking a bath and he was always tucked in right next to gene when he went to sleep.
It is said that in teh beginning they never knew it was robert and everything that was happening, such as shit being ripped up toys being broken silverware being thrown everywhere, it was all being blamed on poor gene and he always tried to tell everyone it was robert, but no one believed him. and sometimes when servants or mrs otto heard the conversations happening in the bedroom she would barge in and usually gene would be like cowering in a corner and robert would be sitting in a chair or the bed glaring down at gene. Mrs otto got tired of this and put robert in the attic, he stayed there for a while but was unhappy in the attic and in genes older life he stayed living in that house and was still slightly obcessed with robert. He took him out of the attic and put him in another room so he could have a view of the street. Passerbys said they have seen robert moving around in there, or could hear him laughing. it terrifys children who walk past. Once gene got married his wife immediately hated robert and wanted to get rid of him, so again he was placed in the attic and once gene died his wife left the house and robert was left in the attic.
He remained there for a long while, until a new family moved in, and they discovered robert, he was evil and one night they woke up and robert was standing at the foot of their bed with a knife, that was enough for them and they left. Robert however lived on. He is in a museum in Key West and you can go see him,and every october they put him in a glass box in the original house he lived in, so you can go there to see him and they recommend if you do to introduce yourself, one lady that didn't said that when she came home robert followed her because she would often see the face of a doll in her window and her lights in her bedroom wouldn't work.
My sister has been to the exhibit in the museum, she said that there are letters sent in by people who had terrible things happen to them after they met robert, it could be coincidence, but it is still creepy. but the scariest thing she told me was that the last time they were there, her and nick were buying a cup from the gift shop and the woman who ran it asked them if they wanted to see some pictures that people had taken of robert during their visit in december. They sent them to them in a plain envelope with no return address and my sister was looking at them and they were just pictures of robert, but in the background of them was the fucking grim reaper. the people sent all the pictures and the negitives to them because they were so scared and they didn't want them in their house. HOW FUCKING SCARY IS THAT???
anyways, that is it...oh and apparently you can buy robert if you want. he is probably pretty pricey, and he might kill you and your family. but you can own him. does anyone wanna go to key west to check out this little gem?


Katy said...

why did u tell me to read this lol worst story everrr

lilli said...

two things:

my favorite line in your story is "gene was totes obsessed with robert"

YES i want to go see robert.