Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pan Tran Fail

This semester, i have not been riding the pan tran like ever. with that being said of the 4 times i have rode all semester, 1 has been a big fail and 1 has been a complete "are you shitting me pan tan driver?" moment.

The first one came about on Tuesday night, i was leaving class mindin my business and decided i should call my mommy. she absolutely hates it when i am walking anywhere at night. even though i assure her everytime that shepherd is a safe campus her only response is "i dont trust anyone" so i thought i would make her happy and jump on the pan tran so i wasn't walking back alone in the dark. I literally said oh there is the pan tran hold on i need to run to catch it...and i did i ran from the corner of the 4 way to the pan tran stop infront of the student center, very quickly and got on. the pan tran driver saw me doing this and then i continued my conversation with my mommy. We are going through all the stops, and we get to west woods, where mostly everyone except for me and one old guy dont. the driver asks where we need to go and i said "hold on mom, APARTMENTS PLEASE!" and he said okay! so were driving and i continue my convo with my mom, when i start paying attention we are passing shaw and thacher, the opposite direction of the apartments and i didn't say anything to him but i was like uhh where is he taking me and my mom was like stay on the phone with me just in case lol. eventually we ended up back at gardiner, on the other side of campus, 20 feet from where we started. and i said hold on mom let me ask what just happened. our conversation:

me: "umm why are we back on this side of campus?"
him: "because i cannot leave here until 9."

(that is a lie, you are not supposed to leave the OTHER side of campus until 9, this side you leave at 8:45. i know the fucking schedule)

him: "i asked where you needed to go and you didn't say anything."
me: "umm i said i needed the apartments."
him: "well i didn't hear you."

(even if he in fact did not hear me, even though he responded, there are still TWO more stops on the route, the art center and the apartments, and you are supposed to be at the apartments right now. dumbfuck.)

him: "i can drive you there now if you want."

i told my mom that is why i always walk because the night time pan tran driver is an idiot. his shinnanigans caused me an extra 10 minutes, for a fucking ride around campus, hey dummy, didn't ya see me running to the pan tran, why on god's green earth would i get on for a ride around campus back to my starting point????

second instance. Allie and i were going to dinner last night. again fuck the night time pan tran driver. he sucks. so were going to dinner, i have class at 7:20 and i say well lets go around 6:15 allie suggests leaving at 6 so we can take the bus and not be cold i comply. we get on there are a few other people on as well, we pass west woods and there in front of us next to the butcher center is a big bus for like the basketball team to travel on. the fucking pan tran driver STOPS the pan tran in the middle of the parking lot. opens the door, gets out doesn't say one word to any of us and proceeds to walk over to the big bus and have a conversation with the driver. ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME PAN TRAN DRIVER?!?! granted i am only going to get food, but there are some people on this thing that have class. you have one job. to drive back and forth in a timely fashion. you are not supposed to stop to talk to your other bus driver friends, you do that during your break. and he didn't say sorry or anything to us when he got back on. he simply just turned on the bus shut the door and drove forward. then he didn't come at 6:45 to pick allie up, becuase he aparently takes a break at 6, but that is untrue considering he drove us over there at 6.

Moral of the story, i will not be riding the pan tran probably ever again. unless someone makes me. but i will be mad that i am on it the entire time.

random song quote: "keep up home girl don't ya quit you know the way you scream is the ultimate." - LFO "every other time"

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