Sunday, February 15, 2009

I don't have much to say

This weekend was valentines day. I never really liked valentines day that much, even when i had a boyfriend, because its so cliche and yeah going out to dinner and getting presents is awesome, but it takes forever to go out, when we could go out whenever, and i like presents all the time not just on valentines day. I like it when my friends give me valentines, because they aren't being forced to by the media. Now over all i had a fantastic weekend.

On Friday night we went to a very very very fun valentines day party where we drank and danced all night and had a great time. Here is a picture from that night.

we all got dressed up and we were ready to boogie down. how cute does everyone look? seriously i think we clean up nicely.
Anyways, saturday was valentines day, lilli davey and i went out to lunch/dinner i guess that is called linner, or dunch? at bob evans, where lilli accidently entered into the china city buffet not realizing the parking lots don't connect, and taking it upon herself to make them connect by driving through some grass and over a curb she probably scratched the hell out of the bottom of her car, but she wasn't to worried. After that we came home and i laid on the couch alone, and watched dirty dancing, then lilli came home she was helping out with the vagina monologues, and we watched a walk to remember, and a cinderella story. What an excellent day. I'm guessing that if i had a valentine, i wouldn't say that its stupid, but then again i think i would, because if i did have a valentine the only thing i would have wanted to do with that person was order a pizza and watch a movie on my couch, and i would have liked it if he got me some candy. I'm a very low maintenance girl.
Anyway, the weekend is over, i've done my homework, and now i sit and patiently wait for the pain stakingly long week i have ahead of seems these weeks are starting to crawl by, must be senioritis kicking in. even though i really don't want to graduate, well more or less, i just want to stay in the area. alright i said i didn't have much to say so i didn't say much. happy valentines day everyone!

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lilli said...

i keep forgetting about driving over that curb, then i remember and laugh out loud.

i'm awesome.