Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Food Gods Love ME!

So as i was watching the super bowl sunday night, i accidently fell asleep during the boring 3rd quarter, and woke up just in time to see the best commercial my eyes have ever laid eyes on. It started with pancakes that looked like happy faces, and then was like you need a real breakfast. Denny's is giving a free grand slam to every person in america on Tuesday February 3. My eyes lit up and i sprinted down the hallway to pass the news along to lilli who was doing her homework during that stupid quarter. Her eyes also lit up. We decided right then and there we were going. We have early class on tuesdays, but that did not stop us. Me her and Jeremy got our butts out of bed before the sun. Put on clothes and according to Jer we did not say one word to each other for 10 minutes after we woke up. the first thing spoken was whispered by lilli and she said "i'm so excited!" We showed up at Denny's shortly after 7 am and only waited about half hour. Our free breakfast was glorious. The pancakes, perfect. crispy on the outside edge, pancakey in the middle. so good. eggs, delicious, bacon, awesome, sausage drenched in syrup mmmmm. We also got coffee, obviously because we were tired.

We arrived back on campus ahead of schedule which was awesome and lilli and i got ready for class, and then went to class and proceeded to take a nap in the student center after our morning class. Good thing we had boot camp that day so we could work off our greesy denny's grand slam.

I also took another nap last night when i got back from class, and woke up and jake was telling me to come to tony's so i did, and he bought me a beer :-) thanks baby jake! Then this morning on our way to class lilli informed me of some excellent news jake relayed to her last night. SHEETZ IS GIVING AWAY FREE SANDWICHS TIL 2 TODAY!! So we got out of class, actually i also got free pizza in class how awesome. We walked to sheetz to prove that being a fat ass is okay as long as you work out as well. We looked at all the delicious sandwich's that they were giving away and this guy was behind us saying that he is going to a whole bunch of other sheetz too to get free sandwiches, we just went to the one, we got an italian something delicious of cibatta bread. I think that guy behind me wanted that one cause he felt it necessary to inform me that there was jalapeno's on it, and i said thats okay ill take them off, i took the last one, he probably wanted it. oh well, he is going to 5 other sheetz. After we got our sandwiches lilli goes can we get a donut too? and low and behold, there was a sign on the donuts saying try a free donut, we asked and made sure, and it was true. So we got a free sandwich and donut for lunch today.

It can only get better if tomorrow mcdonalds has free double cheeseburgers, or kings has a free slice. OMG i hope that happens. Anyway, that is how amazing the food gods have been for me, i hope it is working out for you all too.

Random song quote: "the more i drink, the more i drink, well i'm the worlds greatest lover and a dancing machine." - Blake Shelton "the more i drink"

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