Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life is good

Ahh, my blog, I have long forgotten about you, i just stumbled upon it and decided i should start this back up again. I haven't wrote one of these in so long, since my last post i have gotten a boyfriend, he is amazing. we have been dating for 4 months now. I still am working at buffalo wing factory and am currently looking for a townhouse to move into with my friendy friends. Life is less of a shitshow than it used to be, there are still a few weekends i pretend like i am a college student. We had a little shitshow over the weekend and dustin and i (thats the boyfriend) went to his brothers house, where his brother forced alcohol down our throats we had a lot of fun. this is it for now i assume. i am almost positive no one will read this lol. but have a fun day people

and today so far hasn't been a shitshow.

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