Monday, July 13, 2009

The Misadventures of my Weekend

So, i don't know how many people actually still read this thing, but i figure an update every once in a while is worth if for anyone hoping to read something mildly entertaining about the shitshow that is my life.

My best friends 21st birthday was this weekend, everyone knows that 21st birthdays equal chaos, but with my group of friends they equal the biggest craziest ridiculous adventure you could ever ask for.

We started off the night at sequoia on the waterfront in georgetown for dinner, and by started off i mean ended it there also. we all started drinking at dinner, well those who were invited to dinner, we then moved to the bar which is out on the patio. My new friend came to hang out and i think the experience scared him away forever because he hasn't talked to me sense haha. Anyway the drinks at this place i swear don't have mixers in them, and the shots were half a wine glass full of whatever liquor you want. at least you are getting what you pay for. Birthday girl ended up getting kicked out a little after midnight i believe, we then got denied by 4 cabs because she was so drunk they wouldn't let her in the car. We finally got to the roslyn metro where she threw up outside before we went in, all of us formed a pretty solid human wall around her outside, when a black huge police officer pulled up in a hummer and gave me a tic tac to give to her, i was holding it she wasn't having it. We got into the metro station where she laid down on the floor and took a nap. gross. we told all passerby's it was her 21st birthday and everyone would cheer. once we got in the metro we got the whole metro car to sing happy birthday to her. she passed out on the way home. and i almost peed in my pants. i remember going up to strangers and saying i really think i am going to pee in my pants and i am sorry you have to witness it. then i tried to do pull ups. then we got to the vienna metro where bday girl puked outside that station too. her and i passed out in teh backseat of our friends car on the way home and the person in the passenger seat said she turned around and we were holding on to one another sleeping..we got home and passed out..

Went out again saturday, not as big of a shit show, went to a couple bars, the girl who was driving asked me to go get the car with her and we would be back to pick up the other girls. well they were all blacked out and one of them was out of control and they left before we got back and we don't know how they got home. The girl driving made an illegal left turn and we got pulled over, he made her do a field sobriety test and then breathalyzed her, she blew a .09 luckily the cop was legit and told us to pull into a parking lot and he got us a cab. the taxi driver regreted to inform us that his credit card machine wasn't working and got mad at us for not telling him that we literally had spent ALL of our cash at the bar. i had to walk in on my friend having sex to get cash which was crazy enough. but then the friend who was raging started yelling at us for driving her car even though she gave us the keys to drive her car. and people were screaming and yelling and it was crazy. fun night with an unfortunate end.

so if you still read this i hope you enjoyed the crazy weekend story. and happy 21st birthday girl!

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